The KMC Grievance Management System is a comprehensive web-based application designed to streamline grievance management within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. It serves as an integrated tool for tracking and handling grievances originating from various sources. The system operates through a toll-free number dedicated to receiving feedback, suggestions, and grievances. A dedicated team is tasked with managing and addressing these grievances efficiently. Upon registration, grievances are promptly forwarded to the respective department and focal person for resolution, with cases being closed upon successful rectification.

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How it works?

Welcome to the KMC Grievance Management System, your comprehensive platform for efficient grievance resolution within the Kathmandu Valley. Our system offers a range of features to ensure seamless handling of grievances and effective communication between citizens and authorities:

  • Initiation: The complainant/caller contacts the Toll-Free/Hotline Number.
  • Response: A Call Centre Agent/Staff answers the call.
  • Recording: The call is automatically recorded for reference.
  • Documentation: The staff member narrates the issue, prioritizes it, and documents details on the GRM Software along with the audio clip.
  • Assignment: The staff member forwards the issue to the respective department or Focal Person responsible for rectification.
  • Notification: An auto-generated SMS is sent to the respective caller/complainant, acknowledging receipt of the complaint.
  • Resolution: The Focal Person handles the issue, provides progress updates, and closes it upon resolution.
  • Tracking: Complainants can monitor the progress of their issues online.
  • Monitoring: The Management team oversees all statuses categorized by department and issue.

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